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Articles - 17 02 2020

Job vacancy alert!! 🚨

We are looking for two accountants to join our team. Are you someone who is passionate and self-driven? Looking for professional development and a broad scope of work? Applications close 10th March 2020.

Articles - 17 02 2020

ACC are moving away from cheques

ACC are moving away from cheques from 1 March 2020

Articles - 13 02 2020

Good Books = Good Business

Just a quick heads up that IRD will be contacting everyone in hospitality industry to thank you if you’ve been keeping your books in order.

Articles - 04 02 2020

Xero pricing changes and a plan update

On 18 March 2020, you’ll be able to automate more admin tasks and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Articles - 28 01 2020

Technology hacks for time poor business people

We hear it all the time from our clients – “we just don’t have the time.” We completely understand, we’re all time poor! But what can you do to be time smart? Time management and productivity is a hot topic in any business, and luckily there are some very accessible solutions in this technology driven age.

Articles - 28 11 2019

Managing Millennials in Business

If you have a business, it is a safe bet that you employ millennials, and are likely to hire more. They are rapidly becoming the labour market’s biggest pool. Millennials have developed a bad reputation - entitled, uncommitted, difficult - but that doesn’t have to be your experience. Up your millennial management game and see good results, not social stereotypes.

Articles - 25 11 2019

Declare it all. Or risk everything. - IRD

Tradies who do undeclared cash jobs can be hit with tax penalties, or criminal convictions that could lead to prison – costing them their business and their income.

Articles - 30 10 2019

Public Holidays - to Pay or not to Pay

There always seems to be a bit of trepidation when it comes to payment for public holidays and rightly so as it gets confusing when you have staff on different arrangements and working different times and days. For ease of reference, we are splitting this article over two months, as we are going to try and simplify the rules for you.

Articles - 16 09 2019

Tax saving strategies for agricultural business

There are long-held misconceptions about how to save tax. Here are some ideas that work and some that don’t. If the tax saving involves spending more money than made, then any decision must be in conjunction with your cashflow forecast to ensure you don’t run short of cash at crucial times of the year.

Articles - 05 09 2019

Better Management Practice

Clear expectations for employees are key for staff to reach their potential for your business. Employees need to know exactly what’s expected of them and inspiring high performance starts with establishing clear expectations and goals. Understanding and, where possible, agreeing to expectations should be part of an employee’s induction.

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