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Articles - 13 03 2020

Child support bill introduced

The Child Support Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament today.

Articles - 06 03 2020

Minimum wage rise from 1 April 2020, 31 March 2020

The minimum wage is about to increase.

Articles - 02 03 2020

Northland drought & coronavirus

As you are aware our region is currently facing some tough times with impacts from the drought and coronavirus. The Inland Revenue are working with other agencies and together they want to get information to our communities.

Articles - 28 02 2020

Would I make more money if I was a contractor

There are differences between a contractor and an employee. A contractor can choose what work to do, how to do it and where to work from. This is at their discretion and outlined in their “Contract for Services”.

Articles - 20 02 2020

New Scam Alert

There is currently a new IRD scam email circulating - Not from an Inland Revenue email address - No personalised greeting - Includes a specific dollar amount of refund - Includes a bogus IRD number - The link points to a non-Inland Revenue address - Strangely worded – says it is an income tax update but then talks about GST returns and refunds If you ever have a suspicious looking email please send it to either us at paihia@pkfboi.nz or the IRD at phishing@ird.govt.nz Check that latest scams on the IRD website https://www.ird.govt.nz/topics/scams/latest-scams

Articles - 17 02 2020

Job vacancy alert!! 🚨

We are looking for two accountants to join our team. Are you someone who is passionate and self-driven? Looking for professional development and a broad scope of work? Applications close 10th March 2020.

Articles - 17 02 2020

ACC are moving away from cheques

ACC are moving away from cheques from 1 March 2020

Articles - 13 02 2020

Good Books = Good Business

Just a quick heads up that IRD will be contacting everyone in hospitality industry to thank you if you’ve been keeping your books in order.

Articles - 04 02 2020

Xero pricing changes and a plan update

On 18 March 2020, you’ll be able to automate more admin tasks and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Articles - 28 01 2020

Technology hacks for time poor business people

We hear it all the time from our clients – “we just don’t have the time.” We completely understand, we’re all time poor! But what can you do to be time smart? Time management and productivity is a hot topic in any business, and luckily there are some very accessible solutions in this technology driven age.

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